Completely Securing the Software Supply Chain using Grafeas + in-toto - Lukas Puehringer, NYU & Wendy Dembowski, Google (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached)

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Continuous delivery, a prevalent concept in the cloud native ecosystem, has drastically simplified and accelerated development and deployment of software from its inception to the enduser. Unfortunately, the continuous delivery supply chain has become an attractive target for attacks. An attacker that compromises any of the steps of the supply chain, or alters the product in transit, can target all users at once. In this talk Wendy Dembowski and Lukas Puehringer will introduce in-toto and grafeas(, a software supply chain security ecosystem to verify the supply chain integrity, authenticity and compliance of any application. The talk will feature real-life examples, such as the target deployments for various popular projects, including Debian, Arch Linux, reproducible builds and Docker.

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