Cloud Native Identity Management - Andreas Zitzelsberger, QAware GmbH & Andrew Jessup, Scytale Inc. (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached)

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Identity Management (IDM) incorporates a definition of identity, authentication and authorization. Cloud native workload IDM is necessary to protect against an untrusted network and compromised or rogue workloads. As organisations start to take advantage of elastic scaling and dynamic scheduling IDM becomes more important, and more challenging. This talk will examine how we are working to solve these challenges in a large cloud project at a major insurance company. We’ll describe a real world architecture, built on the SPIFFE standard, open-source software including SPIRE and Vault and a sprinkle of custom code to provide workload authentication and authorization, zero-trust networking and rotating secrets. And finally we’ll discuss how this solution can also serve as the foundation for more security policy and traffic management capabilities based on technologies like Envoy and Istio.

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