Wolfi: Intro to the Linux Undistro Helping Build Small, up-to-Date, CVE Free Cloud Images - James Rawlings, Chainguard

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This session provides an introduction to Wolfi, an innovative open source project aimed at reimagining the way we approach Linux distributions for the cloud. By removing the unnecessary components used by other distributions. We will delve into how Wolfi fosters the creation of custom images with minimal attack surfaces, significantly reducing the likelihood of CVE (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) threats. Attendees will gain insights into the architecture, inner workings and tooling of Wolfi, understanding the technologies and strategies it employs to keep software continually up-to-date for users. If you’re a developer spending too much time triaging, mitigating, and patching CVEs, a cloud architect seeking to optimize resource usage and security, or a DevOps engineer in search of innovative tools, this Wolfi presentation help invaluable insights and practical knowledge that you can apply to your projects and organizations.

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