Eraser: Cleaning up Vulnerable Images from Kubernetes Nodes - Peter Engelbert & Ashna Mehrotra, Microsoft

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Supply chain security is an increasingly important issue in cloud-native computing: the number of attacks has grown by over 300% since 2021. It is common for pipelines to build and push images to the cluster, but uncommon for those images to be removed from a node’s local store once a CVE has been disclosed. Kubernetes has no built-in solution to this problem: its garbage collection only responds to disk pressure. As images become outdated, they present a risk as users may run a vulnerable container. Eraser, a CNCF sandbox project, is an open source solution that automates the scanning and removal of images. What distinguishes Eraser is that it gives more control over removal: the developer decides what gets removed and when. By default, Eraser uses Trivy to scan images based on a given threshold of vulnerability. Images can also be removed based on custom logic. The talk will begin with a demo of Eraser in action, before showing an example of customizing the removal process.

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