Securing Access to Kubernetes Infrastructure with Kubernetes Zero Trust Principles - Mohan Atreya, Rafay Systems

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As a Kubernetes footprint expands through a number of development and production clusters – spread across on-premises data centers, multiple public cloud providers, and edge locations – it shouldn’t be a surprise that complexity leads to challenges. When it comes to ensuring Kubernetes security and controlling access to clusters, limited standards and shared practices are creating a “wild west” scenario. Many organizations have multiple clusters in multiple locations—often running different distributions with different management interfaces—and teams of developers, operators, contractors, and partners who need varying levels of access. If your team is deploying Kubernetes in production, you have to do everything possible to ensure access security. In this presentation, we’ll review how to apply Kubernetes zero trust principles to enable controlled, audited cluster access for developers, SREs and automation systems to a Kubernetes infrastructure.

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