Panel Discussion: Securing the Golden Path: Adding Guardrails for Developers Without Getting in Their Way! - Moderated by Aradhna Chetal, TIAA; Elizabeth Vasquez Alban, Barclays; Kapil Bareja, Saviyant; Jim Bugwadia, Nirmata & Anil Karmel, RegScale

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Is it possible to increase both agility and security? We all know that as organizations are increasingly driven to deliver faster, security often gets overlooked. So, how can organizations adopting cloud native best practices balance the growing complexity of securing modern applications against the ever increasing organizational drivers for speed? In this session, the panelists will discuss how security and operations teams can collaborate to provide developers with a “secure golden path” that promotes security best practices without compromising agility. The panel discussion will cover how the adoption of cloud native systems impacts security, the cloud native lifecycle, and highlight organizational best practices for adopting cloud native systems. The panelists will also provide practical tips and guidance on how cloud native systems can offer composable and programmable options for policy as code and continuous compliance across the software delivery pipeline to create automated guardrails for developers.

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