Lives On the Line. Learning Disaster Response From the Coronavirus Pandemic - Kris Nova & Dr. Rachel Beda, Wisepatient

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Join us for an exciting session where two worlds collide to bring a deep look at disaster response in cloud-native from the lense of a global viral pandemic. Two unsuspecting women will grace the stage to share a powerful lesson. Join a practicing MD from Seattle, and a security expert from San Francisco as they look at the top lessons learned in the global response to the CoVID-19 Pandemic. They draw stark comparison to the incident response, detection, and disaster recovery in the medical field that with the same issues we see in software. Learn how open source was able to save lives. Learn how tools like Falco are used identically to the response field testing we saw during the outbreak. Learn how the world has taught itself to expect the unexpected, and respond to catastrophe. The audience walks away feeling secure and prepared for an unexpected disaster in their infrastructure.

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