Panel: Control Plane vs Data Plane: Untangling the Tenets of Multitenancy - Tasha Drew, VMware; Sanjeev Rampal, Cisco; Ryan Bezdicek, Cray Inc.; Adrian Ludwin, Google; & Fei Guo, Alibaba

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Virtually every organization over a certain size wants to be able to share their clusters between different sets of users. As a result, the Multi-tenancy Working Group is seeing increasingly high demand for higher-level features to support Kubernetes multi-tenancy. Unfortunately, each organization has different and often unspoken assumptions about what tenancy means to them, so different use cases and needs often get conflated. In this discussion, our panelists will share their proposals for the principles of multi-tenancy, according to both the type of concerns (control plane vs data plane) as well as the type of tenants (such as dev teams, production teams and third-party users).

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