How Symlinks Pwned Kubernetes (And How We Fixed It) - Michelle Au, Google & Jan Šafránek, Red Hat

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Ever wonder how Kubernetes deals with security vulnerabilities? This talk illustrates the process by walking through the discovery, patching, and disclosure of CVE-2017-1002101. In Nov 2017, we received a report about how misusing the volume subpath feature could result in access to host files. A team was assembled to investigate the vulnerability, develop a patch, and release it to all supported versions of Kubernetes – ALL in secret. As we walk through the story from discovery to disclosure, we will also deep dive into the technical details of how this feature allowed a container to escape to the host filesystem, and how it was fixed. You will walk away with techniques for secure file handling in multi-tenant environments, best practices for restricting volume access in your Kubernetes clusters, and an understanding of how a large open source project manages security issues.

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