Keeping Kubernetes Safe: The Lowdown on Locked Namespaces - Marco De Benedictis, ControlPlane

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Kubernetes namespaces are widely used by developers and infrastructure maintainers to group resources within clusters, yet their role as pivotal security boundaries often gets overlooked. Many well-established and upcoming Kubernetes features rely on secure namespace management, from in-cluster DNS resolution to Network Policies, Limit Ranges, Pod Security Standards, and Gateway API Cross-Namespace Routing. The talk will investigate the implications of compromise within a cluster if an adversary successfully tampers existing namespaces or crafts new ones by delving into real-world use cases, including multi-tenancy and cluster-native policy enforcement. A spectrum of mitigations and best practices to lock down namespaces effectively will be presented, covering strategies from Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to advanced object validation using admission controllers, including secure approaches with namespace templating in multi-tenant environments.

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