Cloud Native Security: Cell-Based Architecture & K8s - Rostyslav Myronenko & Shweta Vohra,

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Embark on a deep dive into Cell-Based Architecture, a framework designed for optimal scalability and isolation within multi-tenant Kubernetes environments. Our session unveils the practical application of this model, drawing from the technology-agnostic guidelines of the WSO2 open-source reference architecture. Our real-world case study will dissect creating and scaling cells in an environment that enhances security, workload isolation, and runtime performance. Using Cell-Based architecture, we have reduced the number of application dependencies, decoupled key components to scale it independently, achieved compliance with standards like SOx and PCI, and implemented security requirements specific to a particular cell using open-source technologies like Kubernetes, Policies using OPA for isolation and secrets management using Vault, PKI, SPIFFE.

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