Three Surprising K8s Networking “Features” and How to Defend Against Them - James Cleverley-Prance, ControlPlane

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Kubernetes’ networking model simplifies the user experience, but abstractions can introduce and hide complexity under the hood. This talk challenges perceived trust boundaries in Kubernetes networking and demonstrates some non-obvious and counter-intuitive behaviours. Left unchecked, these issues can mean Kubernetes clusters present a wider attack surface than may be immediately evident. The talk will cover: * The external attack surface of a Kubernetes node * Enumerating externally available cluster information * Exploiting Linux networking to access internal pods and services * Misusing CNI configurations to access internal pods and services You will gain an understanding of these attacks and how to use them, learn mitigation strategies and pragmatic defences, and be able to protect your clusters to avoid compromise.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!

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