Inside the CNCF Project Security Reviews - Justin Cormack, Docker

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Last year the CNCF started funding security reviews for its projects. This talk examines the review process from the inside and looks at the outcomes and lessons from the reviews that have been performed so far. What vulnerabilities were found? What types of problem are common across projects? How should you prepare for a review? The talk will cover how to make the most of a security review, what to expect from it, what to bring to the review process, and how to maximise the benefits of a review. It will be illustrated with details of the review process for the Notary and TUF audits from the inside as I was involved in this process, and with a detailed analysis of the public reports, including Prometheus, CoreDNS, Envoy, Containerd and more. The talk will look at the issues found in the different projects, the areas in which issues were not found, and common themes.

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