The Route To Rootless Containers - Ed King, Pivotal & Julz Friedman, IBM (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached)

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Rootless containers are a new and exciting development in the container community, offering the ability to create and manage containers as a completely unprivileged, non-root user. This is appealing both in terms of security, as well as in making container-based workloads accessible to a much wider audience. During this presentation, Julz and Ed will share their learnings from the journey to adopting rootless containers in production for a large multi-tenant PaaS (Cloud Foundry). The talk contains a technical overview of rootless containers - what they are, how they work and how to enable them in runC as well as a discussion of the limitations of rootless containers and how we overcame those limitations. If you’re interested in using rootless containers in production, this talk is for you!

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