Multi-Tenancy in Kubernetes: Best Practices Today, and Future Directions - David Oppenheimer, Google (Intermediate Skill Level) (Slides Attached)

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Kubernetes offers a set of features which, when used in the right combination and configured properly, enable secure multi-tenant clusters. But it’s not always obvious how to map particular multi-tenancy requirements to those features and configurations. As a result, people often resort to spinning up one cluster per user and/or workload, thereby foregoing the utilization and management benefits they could achieve by using a single shared cluster. This talk will describe a taxonomy of various multi-tenancy models that are possible on Kubenetes today, and how to configure the existing security/multi-tenancy features to satisfy each of those use cases. We will then describe some features that are on the horizon to provide even stronger, easier-to-use multi-tenancy in Kubernetes.

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