Good Enough for the Finance Industry: Achieving High Security at Scale with Microservices in Kubernetes - Zachary Arnold & Austin Adams, Ygrene Energy Fund (Any Skill Level) (Slides Attached)

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Security is a challenge for most companies. Especially those in periods of rapid growth. It is often taken for granted as we trust the frameworks we use to implement the necessary security protocols for us. However, one only needs to pick up the paper to find out that this simply isn’t true. Information security is now a chief concern of many small and mid-size companies as well. We’ll show you how we use AWS, Calico, OWASP Dependency Checker, CoreOS’s Clair, and Notary to achieve reliable observable security at the code level, container level, cluster level, and even the AWS account level to maintain the Gold Standard of security (authentication, authorization, and auditing.) We will focus on the security mindset and the specific implementation we have at Ygrene to keep data secure.

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