Gatekeeper: Flexible, Shareable Policy for Kubernetes - Craig Peters, Mircosoft

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How do you ensure your Kubernetes resources conform to your internal policies and procedures? Every organization defines rules governing where images can be deployed from and what labels all resources must include. These rules are essential to meet security, legal, and operational requirements. Join us for an introduction to the new Gatekeeper project being jointly developed by Google, Microsoft, the CNCF’s Open Policy Agent (OPA) project, and the community. You will learn how to get started with the upstream policy library that includes rules for common scenarios like image registry whitelisting, label management, and more. You will also learn how you can extend Gatekeeper with your own custom rules and then contribute them back to the community. Finally, you will see how the same policies can be applied at different phases of your software’s lifecycle like CI/CD and audit.

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