The Next Frontier: Exploring the Confidentiality of Kubernetes Control Planes - Jens Freimann, Red Hat

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In this presentation, we will explore the use of confidential computing concepts to enhance the security and resilience of data in-use within the Kubernetes control-plane. By leveraging confidential computing, we aim to establish robust guardrails for safeguarding sensitive information within the Kubernetes control-plane. We will discuss the underlying principles of confidential computing and its applicability to data in-use scenarios focussed on the Kubernetes control plane. Practical considerations, implementation challenges, and potential trade-offs will also be addressed. Through this presentation, attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how confidential computing can strengthen the security posture of the Kubernetes control-plane especially in the case of multi-tenant clusters. We will provide insights into practical approaches for leveraging confidential computing for Kubernetes control planes.

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