Supercharge Your Software Supply Chain Security Strategy with Multi-SBOM Integration - Pallavi Kalapatapu, Cisco

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SBOMs(Software Bill of Materials) have become the new software supply chain imperative and an enforced federal executive order. But is the SBOM really giving you an accurate pedigree of your software components to help you close your security gaps and harden your software supply chain? There are several SBOM formats, how do you choose a good SBOM generator, different generators perform differently with different languages, packages, and Images. How do you determine which one to choose to give you maximum coverage? There is no one size fits all SBOM and there’s nothing strong about a single SBOM(Software Bill of Materials). Your software and business need a multi SBOM strategy for the added protection and accuracy. This talk Pallavi Kalapatapu Introduces and demos Multi SBOM capabilities offered by an opensource Project called KubeClarity, which integrates with popular open source SBOM generators to create a universal SBOM for a more accurate pedigree

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