K8s Auth{N,Z} at Robinhood - Learning from Reductions, Migrations and Designing Automation - Sujith Katakam & Karen Tu, Robinhood Markets, Inc.

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Kubernetes RBAC seems simple enough - specify the resource that you need access to and bind it to who needs it - what’s the problem? In the quest of implementing least privilege company-wide, we ran into seemingly simple but practically complicated questions, for example: How do we figure out who needs what, for how long? How do we grant access in a timely and time-bound manner? How do we think about what permissions need what level of scrutiny? How do we clean up existing permissions and migrate to a different Identity Provider and authentication mechanism with as minimal user friction as possible? Work is still ongoing to clean up existing problematic permissions as well as design a sustainable solution going forward. Join us in this talk where we share the challenges and learnings we have on managing authentication and authorization at Robinhood. We’ll also include a “fun” story of how our OIDC client got deleted!

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