Grifts Ahoy! Bracing for the AI Tide - Shane Lawrence, Shopify

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As AI and machine learning models like ChatGPT gain popularity, it is crucial for organizations to understand the potential risks and benefits they bring to Kubernetes and cloud computing environments. Language models have been used by attackers for convincing phishing attacks, rapid prototyping and iteration on exploit tools, and obfuscation of existing exploits to evade detection. Businesses using chatbots are at risk of data poisoning, leaked secrets, and false information. Conversely, teams embracing AI have an opportunity to reduce toil and improve their security posture. In this talk, Shane will examine the real security impact of recent developments in AI and how they affect everyone in the CloudNative ecosystem, including developers, operations, management, and security teams. Attendees will learn new threats to traditional systems, new risks for organizations that are beginning to use AI, and new ways to leverage AI to improve existing security processes and systems.

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