What Data Tells Us About Software Supply Chain Security & What To Do About It - Josh Bressers, Anchore; Tracy Miranda, Chainguard; John Yeoh, Cloud Security Alliance; Eric Tice, Wipro

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Getting real-world data can help you decide where to focus and when to pivot. And there is plenty of eye-opening data from surveys and reports on the security of cloud-native and open source software, as well as the security of the software supply chain as a whole. Often we read these headlines and move on to the next task on our list. But this critical data can help identify the most important actions we should take to improve the security of our open source project or software application. In this session, a panel of experts will examine a number of key data points from recent surveys and reports and provide immediate, actionable steps organizations and projects can take to improve the security of their software. Session attendees will gain insights that can be used to make a business case or to implement critical projects to secure their software supply chain.

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