The Insider Threat: Third-Party Applications In Your Cluster - Dagan Henderson, Raft, LLC & Will Kline, Dark Wolf Solutions

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As powerful as Kubernetes is out-of-the-box, it’s a reasonable bet that your organization’s baseline cluster includes more than just the core Kubernetes components. Service meshes, CSI drivers, admission controllers, and database engines are nearly ubiquitous additions to production-ready clusters. Crucially, these applications allow your organization’s development teams to focus on solving the organization’s unique challenges by building on top of robust third-party solutions that solve common industry problems, but vulnerabilities in third-party code can put the security of your clusters at risk. In this talk, the speakers will briefly review a few examples of real-world vulnerabilities in third-party applications commonly found in large Kubernetes clusters and describe just how they were discovered; demonstrate how critical some vulnerabilities can be; and then review clear, actionable steps your organization can take to help prevent third-party vulnerabilities from being the weak link in your clusters’ security.

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