Securing the IaC Supply Chain - Jesse Sanford, Autodesk & Jason Hall, Chainguard

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Secure software supply chain practices have begun to permeate all aspects of software development. But what about the orchestration of our infrastructure? With the proliferation of infrastructure as code, many of the same threats posed to software supply chains are also threats to our IaC ecosystems. IaC provides clear advantages to platform teams, bringing uniformity and productivity to developers, but with the great power bestowed to it, it also presents a juicy target for supply chain attacks, often while no one is looking. It’s only a matter of time before our Site Reliability Engineers will need to defend against the same attack vectors as their Software Engineer counterparts. How can DevSecOps practitioners learn from the patterns and practices being developed by projects like SLSA? Can IaC pipelines build on tooling like Sigstore and in-toto? This talk covers the application of software supply chain security principles to modern IaC pipelines. Jesse and Jason discuss design changes to the Crossplane package management system and it’s forthcoming integration with Sigstore, enabling IaC provenance and attestations. Finally, a demo showcasing the equivalent of “admission control” for IaC will provide inspiration for further work on Secure IaC Supply Chains.

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