Path To Production: Sustainable Compliance In Strict Environments - Chip Zoller, Nirmata & Brandt Keller, Defense Unicorns

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Getting an environment approved for production can be a painful process, case in point government and Department of Defense (DoD) which require the strictest of controls be met, however this is true for other highly-regulated industries. Engineering and security teams must validate that the security controls are satisfied while continuing to audit, except these are often siloed teams. Reviewing these standards is still an archaic and painful process of managing a spreadsheet or checking text boxes. In this talk, we will share how the Department of Defense is solving this by ensuring compliance through policy in order to capitalize on the promise of DevSecOps. Using Big Bang, a tool for providing secure-by-default environments with pre-integrated tools, and Iron Bank, a DoD repository of signed and hardened application images, along with Kyverno, a Kubernetes-native policy engine, teams are able to get compliant faster and reach mission-ready status sooner.

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