Self Healing GitOps: Continuous, Secure GitOps Using Argo CD, Helm and OPA - Upkar Lidder , Tenable

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Argo CD empowers the community to adopt GitOps for K8s. Argo CD triggers automated operations for cluster reconciliation by monitoring changes in git for images and artifacts such as Helm Charts. While Argo CD enables hyper-automation for cluster deployment, how can teams ensure they aren’t slowed down by requirements such as security, privacy, and compliance? In this talk, Upkar Lidder will discuss how to leverage the power of the Open Policy Agent to automate the delivery of secure, compliant deployments. Argo CD with OPA can ensure that any Helm charts and container images to be deployed are compliant with the established policies. Upkar will also demonstrate a new approach of self-healing GitOps to the community which leverages OPA’s Rego language to remediate risks and violations on the fly.

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