More Than Just a Pretty Penny! Why You Need Cybersecurity in Your Culture - Callan Andreacchi & Michaela Flatau, Defense Unicorns

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Data breaches, ransomware, and spear phishing, oh my! When cybersecurity attacks aren’t addressed properly, it can result in a loss of trust between companies and their customers. This can have a negative impact on the brand, revenue, and even customer loyalty. Humans will always be a part of cybersecurity and humans are bound to make mistakes. It’s not enough to educate your employees, you must empower your employees to not only identify social engineering tactics, but also admit and own their mistakes. When employees feel a personal connection to the company’s cybersecurity, the likelihood of a cyberattack decreases. Join Callan and Michaela to learn about how to integrate cybersecurity into the very fabric of your workplace culture, leading to identifying potential risks faster and in turn, resolving those risks quickly.

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