Mapping Motives Tells a Story: Analysis of 2,000 Enterprise Cloud Detections - David Wolf & Joshua Smith, Devo

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We analyzed more than 2,000 live cloud-based detections across hundreds of IaaS customers to identify common themes and defensive patterns that also revealed gaps in the typical enterprise control set. Our analysis set out to answer the question, where are enterprises investing in cloud controls, and where are the control weak points? Next, we applied the MITRE ATT&CK Cloud framework as a machine learning corpus to illustrate the attacker stories and detections required to detect, interrupt, and respond to cloud impact. By applying a novel approach to the verb and noun relationships of cloud infrastructure and workspaces, we were able to map attacker motives to actionable control stories in an approach that can be applied with any SIEM or big data solution powering the modern security operations center (SOC). Join us for a practical journey in learning how to strengthen the multi-cloud SOC, with lessons learned and actionable insights from a cloud detections engineering team.

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