From Illuminating to Eliminating Crypto Jacking Techniques in Cloud Native - Mor Weinberger, Aqua Security

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Ever since cryptomining had emerged as a novel promising digital currency technology, its evil twin cryptojacking has gained popularity and become a major type of attack. Threat actors consider this attack as a low hanging fruit which allows them to easily cash out their attack, since one can easily convert compute power into digital coins. Moreover, defenders often mistakenly perceive this attack as a noisiness rather than an attack that allows to freely run remote code on your server. At first threat actors deployed cryptominers on unpatched servers and targeted browsers. Today attackers focus on the cloud native, including exploiting containers, Kubernetes, CI/CD and SCM platforms. In this Talk, we’ll explore the key concepts and techniques related to the evolvement of cryptomining and also explain on how to proactively protect your environment with open-source tools and approaches that will help you strengthen your security starting from static analysis and up to runtime protection. Below are some of the topics we shell include:Reviewing of attacks, techniques & exploits. The main challenges threat actors face and overcome, how they maximize their gain and conceal their attacks Finally, we will present measures to mitigate and strengthen your environments

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