Container Patching: Making It Less Gross Than the Seattle Gum Wall - Greg Castle & Weston Panther, Google

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A goal like “Production containers are patched within FedRAMP timelines” is a seemingly impossible task for many organizations. What containers do we have? Who owns them, and how can we get them patched that fast? We’ll talk about our patching strategy of “Prevent, Detect, Fix, Monitor”, discuss the opensource tools available to help in each of those steps, and share lessons learned from our customers and our own patching program. Prevention narrows the funnel: standardized images, slimming images, separating build deps, allowlisting registries, and container promotion policies all help. On detection we’ll cover discovery, recent vuln detection advances, and opportunities to reduce noise. Fixing is about automating ownership discovery, fix sequencing, and release process. Monitoring glues it all together: prioritize fixes and investigate gaps to meet your SLO.

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