Panel Discussion: Say Hi to the New Couple in the Town – DockerSlim and Kyverno – Making Your Kubernetes Workloads More Secure! - Moderated by Mritunjay Sharma, Slim.AI; Shuting Zhao , Nirmata; Ruhika Bulani, D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, Aku

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Want to minify your container image? Or let’s go ahead; ever thought of automating the creation of your container’s AppArmor and SecComp profiles? Okay, wait, let us surprise you even more; what if you get all the above and a way to administer their control in the K8s cluster! Yes, you heard it right, Unveiling to you the intersection of Kyverno and DockerSlim! This panel by Shuting, Ruhika, and Mritunjay will demonstrate how these two projects are making the lifecycle of the software supply chain more secure. Kyverno’s policies leveraged with DockerSlim’s combo of minified image and the auto-generated Seccomp profile will make your cluster security management just another YAML chore without you being a Linux syscalls expert!

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