Conan.Io – Lessons Learned from Securing 40,000 C++ Packages - Diego Rodriguez-Losada Gonzalez, JFrog

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Supply chain security needs are at an all-time peak, since attackers are now massively targeting developers through their use of package repositories such as npm and PyPI., the open-source package manager for C and C++, currently houses more than 11 million binaries built by user-submitted recipes, but managed to have 0 security incidents since its inception, despite its extremely wide reception (15TB of monthly transfers). In this session, Diego (Conan’s co-creator) will share how he and his team has managed this incredible feat by utilizing automated quality checks, compiler security mitigations, package signing, a secure build pipeline and an extremely strict and efficient review process, even when faced with more than 9000 pull requests in the last two years.

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