Beyond Proof of Concept: Keys to a Successful SPIRE Rollout in Production - Eli Nesterov, N/A

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You might have heard about SPIFFE and SPIRE, or you’ve already read specifications and run your first proof of concept SPIRE deployment to provide your workloads X.509 or JWT SVIDs. Maybe you are planning to use SPIRE for advanced use-cases like federating with the cloud service provider IAM, third-party service, or for your hybrid deployment. Despite where you are on your journey, you most likely asked yourself a question: How do I run SPIRE in production? In this presentation, Eli Nesterov will discuss what it means to run SPIRE in production and how it differs from POC. We’ll go through different stages, from the most common architecture patterns, deployment models, logging, and monitoring to security, availability, and performance topics. The talk is based on learning from multiple successful production deployments, the most commonly asked questions in SPIFFE/SPIRE Slack channels, and hours of video conference talks.

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