Vanquishing Vulnerabilities in Valencia - Alba Ferri Fitó, Sysdig & Eric Smalling, Synk

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The infamous Log4Shell vulnerability took us all by surprise right as we were preparing to take our end-of-year vacations! Will there be another massive vulnerability to deal with this year? It’s very possible, but you can be ready for it! Join us to learn how you can prepare your organization for the next critical CVE and make it harder for attackers to leverage it against you. From the developers’ shell to runtime in production, there are many tools and practices you can put in place today that can mitigate and detect would-be attackers and make their lives harder. Topics will include container image construction and scanning, policy enforcement, controlling network traffic, safer runtime configurations, and monitoring runtime behavior. This session will include live demonstrations of the log4shell remote code exploit and how effective the techniques presented can be against attacks on it.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!

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