Shrinking Software Attack Surface with WebAssembly & CNCF Wasmcloud - Liam Randall, Cosmonic

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WebAssembly is poised to fundamentally transform the development of both browser and server-side development. The virtualization of the CPU, OS, and cloud with hypervisor, containers, and Kubernetes each marked epochs of technology that ushered in emerging trends in software architecture, design, development, operation, and life cycle management. In this session, we highlight the development and advantages of WebAssembly and the CNCF wasmCloud Application Framework. WebAssembly marks the next wave of cloud-native evolution. In this demonstration heavy session, we highlight 3 main advantages driving the adoption of these technologies focusing on the security impacts: 1. With WebAssembly’s virtualization of the application, we demonstrate portability across diverse CPUs, clouds, Kubernetes distributions, edges, and web browsers. 2. Through a capability-driven sandbox we demonstrate a security model that is sandboxed, portable, and consistent across the diverse execution environments. 3. With wasmClouds actor model we demonstrate a streamlined approach to managing the software supply chain by virtualizing the use of non-functional requirements and common open source libraries.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!

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