Fuzzing the CNCF Landscape - Adam Korczynski & David Korczynski, Ada Logics

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This talk presents Adam’s and David’s experience with fuzzing more than ten projects in the CNCF landscape over the last year resulting in more than hundred bugs filed and fixed. For each of the projects, the goal was to integrate fuzzing such that the project would be continuously fuzzed by the free fuzzing service OSS-Fuzz. The projects which will be discussed in the talk include Kubernetes, Argo, Etcd, Containerd, Vitess, Linkerd2-proxy, runc, Flux and more.   In this talk Adam and David will present a holistic view on this CNCF fuzzing experience and the focus will be on the technical challenges and results.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!

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