Deep Dive: Serverless Security (STAG Presentation) - Moderated by Andrew J Krug, Datadog; Ragashree M C, Nokia; Ashish Rajan, CISO & Ariel Shuper, Cisco

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Serverless encompasses many different facets and technologies in its creation, use, and execution. Serverless computing available by a provider permits the execution of a piece of code by dynamically allocating resources and adhere to a consumption based pricing model. These snippets or sections of code are called “functions” and can serve multiple needs as identified in the newly released CNCF Serverless Whitepaper, first available at KubeCon EU 2022. Over the past 6 months the CNCF Security Technology Advisory group has been working on a platform independent whitepaper on serverless security. This whitepaper incorporates the industry experience of STAG members alongside industry standard best practices. Join Ashish Rajan and Andrew Krug for this panel discussion with STAG whitepaper authors. We’ll discuss what’s changed since the last whitepaper was released and predict a few things about where serverless security is headed.Click here to view captioning/translation in the MeetingPlay platform!

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