Building Effective Attack Detection in the Cloud - Alfie Champion & Nick Jones, F-Security Consulting

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The cloud has significantly altered the nature of attack detection, and many of the common data sources and attacker TTPs that security teams have been looking for on premise have changed or are no longer relevant. A lack of public threat intelligence has hindered development of industry knowledge bases, such as the MITRE ATT&CK framework, and the nature of many cloud-native attacker TTPs make it challenging to separate the malicious from the benign.  Based on first-hand experience attacking and defending large enterprises, this talk will share what Alfie and Nick have learned about detecting attacks against cloud-native environments. They will cover how the cloud has changed the detection landscape, the key data sources to leverage, and how to plan and prioritise your cloud detection use cases. They’ll also discuss how to validate your detection, including a demonstration of Leonidas, an open source framework for automatically validating detection capability in the cloud.

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