Making Dynamic Admission Control Even More Dynamic Using WebAssembly - Flavio Castelli & Rafael Fernández López, SUSE

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WebAssembly is a portable binary instruction format that was originally created with the browser as the main execution runtime. However, during the last years, WebAssembly is finding its way also outside of the browser because of the many benefits it provides like portability, security and flexibility. We think WebAssembly can be leveraged by Kubernetes in many ways. This session will focus on how WebAssembly can be used to write Kubernetes admission policies. We will show an open source Kubernetes Dynamic admission controller that uses policies written in WebAssembly to validate and mutate the requests made against the Kubernetes API server. We will talk about the challenges we faced while working on this project, how we have been mesmerized by WebAssembly and its community and what we plan for the future.

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