Palo Alto Networks Sponsored Session - How to Choose Which Cloud Native Technologies Work Best for Specific Workloads - John Morello, Palo Alto Networks

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As containers gain mainstream momentum, the cloud-native ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth of new technologies and projects that are spinning off and expanding from the initial core of containers. One particularly intense area of innovation is in workload deployment/management. There are many options in the cloud-native environment and the differences between these technologies are often small and nuanced. This makes it challenging to understand the benefits and tradeoffs between them. It’s helpful to think of the technologies being placed on a continuum. The continuum starts with bare metal and VMs on the left, continue into “light” hypervisors (like Canonical’s LXD), and extends into containers and services like AWS Fargate and then, ultimately, serverless. Technologies to the left provide the most isolation and control with the tradeoff of greater management and performance overhead.  Those to the right facilitate more agile development and app density with the tradeoff of less control. In this talk, John Morello, VP of Product for Prisma by Palo Alto Networks, will demonstrate the continuum model, to address different scenarios and efficiently choose what technologies (or combination of technologies) work best for running different workloads. This session will cover:How each cloud-native technology will address different workload scenarios.How to choose which technology (or combination of technologies) is best for running different workloads.The characteristics each cloud-native technology offers as it relates to isolation, compatibility and control, and the distinctions between each.

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