Continuous Assurance and Continuous Compliance via Data, Graph, Query and Code - Erkang Zheng, LifeOmic

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Attackers see your digital environment in 3D. They know time is on their side because most vulnerabilities will have to be stumbled upon. For organizations to level the playing field, they need to move from viewing their environment linearly, in two dimensions, to three. To do that, tools need to change. The way data and relationships are mapped needs to change. A graph, not a checklist, is the only way to represent this complexity in a meaningful way. See how LifeOmic streamlines their DevOps process using a graph data model as augmented intelligence to achieve data-driven, automated security operations in the cloud. We’ll share our strategy doing a minimum of 20 deploys/week through a continuous security/compliance approach. View it as ‘compliance as code’.

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