Protecting the Omniverse: How NVIDIA is Securing Containers- Adam Wallis, NVIDIA

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With growing use of Kubernetes, NVIDIA was increasingly delivering containerized software for external customers and internal applications. As a result, the NVIDIA Product Security team needed a scalable security process that would support diverse requirements across business units without slowing down development. They integrated security checks into their existing CI/CD Pipelines to find and fix security issues early. Session attendees will learn how NVIDIA uses open source security tools to transition to continuous container security for their Kubernetes workloads, including how to: - Automating security checks across multiple CI/CD toolchains, registries, and Kubernetes platforms - Decentralized security policies that empower development teams with the responsibility of resolving security issues - Delivering centralized reporting for business unit accountability - Providing a centrally hosted solution to support thousands of containerized apps, and hundreds of thousands of containers

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